Dojmovi polaznika (Student’s impressions)

Impressions about the program”Foundation course in homeopathy” held in cooperation with The Other Song Academy

“I am very happy to be part of this Academy. This is a great opportunity to learn homeopathy from the best teachers and doctors.”

“After I finished 2-years program in homeopathy at another school, I felt I was ready to take only simple cases, so I  decided to educate myself through literature, online lectures etc… but even after that I was not satisfied with my level of knowledge. When I read about the program at Annah Academia, I immediately decided to sign in for next level of education in my life. First weekend was very surprising for me seeing all 3 teachers with so great passion for homeopathy. It is privilege to learn now from such great teachers.”

“My dream is fulfilled. Everything is going in the direction I wanted, even more. To bring the taste of India, here in Annah, and to listen and watch the lecturers from The Other Song Academy, it’s fantastic!!!”

“I am extremely grateful to have such great teachers in my life.”

“I am grateful to be part of this academy is a great honor for me. For me each lecturer has been excellent so far! Our teachers are unbelievable!”

“I have an impression that it is getting more and more interesting by every new lecture!”

“I think I’m in the right place for gaining knowledge of homeopathy. Each lecturer is excellent and special in his own way, and I thank them for sharing  their knowledge with us.”

“Ana and the other lecturers from TOS are giving their best to share their knowledge with us. It is obvious that they care about us and it’s important for them that we can learn homeopathy. I really appreciate that.”

Dr Rajan Sankaran u Annah centruOn lectures held by dr. Rajan Sankaran

“Highlight of the program was dr. Sankaran live, answering our questions. It was so easy to follow his answers, to understand not only words but meaning!!! Great person and teacher!”

“Dr Sankaran was really sent from above to show us all the true meaning of healing people. He gave us his time and so many energy even though he was at the other side od the world. I am so happy I had a chance to listen to this amazing doctor and amazing person.”

“I am very thankful that dr. Sankaran answered our questions during his lecture. I am looking forward to listen to his live lecture in the 2019 in Zagreb!”

“I feel honored that I had the opportunity to ask questions to Sir Rajan Sankaran, and get the answer from such a great homeopath in the whole world.”

“Dr Sankaran gave me answers to the questions that I asked and I’m very pleased. It was a real pleasure to listen to Dr. Sankaran.”

On lectures held by Ana Klikovac, Ph.D.

“Ana Klikovac, I love your enthusiasm when you are lecturing!”

“Ana Klikovac, Ph.D. is my favorite teacher. I love her systematic approach in lectures. She has a great knowledge in every part of homeopathy. She inspires me with her way of presenting cases and because of her homeopathy started to be my way of life.”

Annah academia - edukacija homeopatija

“Ana gave us in her lectures a tour through the lives of Hahnemann and Hering. Her presentation was so vivid, like I was really there, and I experienced all that Ana had told us, I felt so much emotion and I felt the passion they had towards homeopathy … it was an overwhelming experience. Ana is an outstanding lecturer and we can all really learn a lot from her. Bravo!!”

“Ana Klikovac had a great lecture on Organon with excellent examples. It was easy to follow and to understand the meaning of aphorisms.”

“Dr. Klikovac always finds a way to reach each and every student. She teaches on a very light and understandable way. Everything seems so logical. Her lectures are full with everyday examples. Her teaching opens a new perspective in my mind about the world around us. I am very blessed to have her as permanent teacher for the next (at least) four years.”

Annah academia - organon taching

“Ana is an excellent teacher, an excellent homeopath, and her teacher’s role is great.”

“When Ana Klikovac was teaching Organon, she presented everything in a clear and vivid way. The lecture held by Dr. Ana made me very motivated to study Organon.”

“Ana has once again shown that she really lives homeopathy. Throughout her whole lectures, it’s always good and thoroughly explained, so I too adopt everything with ease. Studying homeopathy in this way is enjoyable!”

“Dr. Klikovac always finds a way to hold our full attention while teaching us on Friday afternoon. We have fun while learning.”

“Ana Klikovac was magnificant! That’s the best word for her spirit and the way she presents MM. She gave us perfect examples for each remedy and I hardly wait for her next leacture.”

“Ana has proved so many times that she is a passionate lecturer and really enjoys transferring her knowledge to us students. Every remedy is introduced to us on its own way, with examples from her  own practice.”

“Ana’s knowledge and teaching abilities are brilliant.”

On lectures held by Dr. Pratik Desai

“Dr. Pratik Desai is very patient and has a great way of presenting cases. It is easy to follow his lectures.”

“The calmness of dr Pratik and the knowledge he shared with us, was very interesting to me.”

“Dr.Pratik with many years of experience in homeopathy has conducted us through some of his very interesting cases and has shown us how to deal with homeopathic cases. We hear a lot of useful information from his mouth. Bravo!!”

On lectures held by Dr. Manish Bhatia

“Dr. Manish Bhatia’s lecture was perfect. It was very easy to follow and to understand his way of explaining aphorisms.”

“Dr. Manish and his teaching of Organon were total discovery for me. Wonderful lectures presented with passion and feeling that dr. Manish really lives Organon as his way of living.”

On lectures held by Dr. Munjal Thakar

“Dr Munjal Thaker had an excellent lecture. He gave us so many great examples which helped me to understand the most important meaning of homeopathy and Organon himself. It was a pleasure to learn from him.”

“Dr. Thakar was very eager to teach us some valuable new knowledge. Sharing many examples from a real life was very favorable. I am very grateful that dr. Thakar shared with us links for some interesting articles and gave us recommendations of books to read.”

“Dr. Munjal Thakar has left a great impression on me. He includes students in his lecture, asks us for comments, questions, he is very spontaneous, patient and his lecture was extremely interesting and useful. We’ve learned a lot from him really.”

“Dr. Munjal Thakar is an excellent teacher. His lecture was very interesting and instructive. I like that we get a lot of examples that makes it easier to understand the matter. The lecture was interactive and dr. Thakar tried to give us a detailed explanation of the slightest doubt and that is what I really appreciate.”

On lectures held by dr. Shrekhar Algundgi

“Dr Algundgi had an amazing leacture. He was very interesting, cooperative and gave us so many usful examples. He reminded me once again why i am so much in love with homeopathy.”

On lectures held by Dr. Rishi Vyas

“Dr. Rishi Vyas prepared for us beautiful examples of three remedies. Excellent teachers who helped us getting better understanding of remedies.”

“Dr. Rishi Vyas had an excellant leacture. He was so patient and gave us so much from each remedy. His examples were great because we colud see which symptoms we have on patiens just by observing them and how those symptoms dissapear after taking the right remedy. I really liked his presentation.”

“Dr. Vyas made a nice introduction to Loganiaceae family. He compared them with other similar remedies and explained what are differences. Great teacher and very interesting lecture.”

“Dr. Vyas has good structured lectures. Every remedy is explained in detail, and he answered to our questions. Slowly enough and very understandable. Clearly explained, with lots of links to similar remedies and lots of practical examples.”

“A very comprehensive lecture, with much detail and vivid examples from Dr Vyas’ practice. It was given in a very professional way. I extend my gratitude to Dr Vyas for his effort and expertise!”

On lectures held by dr. Manish Yadav

“There was interesting aproach from dr. Yadav. He gave use lots od tipa and tricks on how to help ourself while learning. How to compare, differentiate remedies.”

“Dr. Manish Yadav is a great lecturer, as well as all the lecturers we have had the opportunity to hear from The Other Song Academy. He noted the importance of learning Materia Medica, Repertory and Organon. In a very interesting and interactive. I enjoyed his lecture and I’m grateful to him for spreading his knowledge of homeopathy.”

“Manish Yadav: very good teacher with excellent advice on how to learn easier.”

On lectures held by dr. Devang Shah

“Dr. Devang Shah gave us his view how to learn material medica, and not to be lost in hundreds of symptoms. Again, one good weekend!”

“Dr. Shah made a nice introduction with a quote from dr. Hughes: „Homeopathic materia medica begins with vertigo and ends in confusion“. He gave us tips (for which I am very grateful) on which books to use, what symptoms to memorize, how to memorize symptoms, and how to read Materia medica. Dr. Shah talked about 3 remedies, and he compared them with other similar remedies, and explained what are differences. Dr. Shah mentioned various trios of remedies in Materia medica.”


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