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    Dr Sankaran in Zagreb

    Meet Dr Sankaran in Zagreb

    Annah centre for homeopathy and support of Health

    proudly presents a three-day seminar



    Dr. Rajan Sankaran

    For the first time in Zagreb!

    Zagreb, 4-6 May 2019

    Venue: Hotel Panorama

    Here is why you should attend the seminar: 

    The 8 box method is a latest advancement which Dr Sankaran has developed, as a more accurate tool for analysis of the case and arriving to correct remedy for consistent result in practice. The 8 box method enables one how to perceive various information given by patient in one whole remedial picture. This method involves classification of the information given by the client into eight different aspects. A homeopath has to consider different aspects and find the thread that connects all these different aspects. This method is a valuable tool for obtaining consistent results in cases, as this method reduces to minimum the chances of choosing the wrong remedy for the client.

    You will learn the following from Dr. Sankaran:

    • how to analyze the case using The 8 Box Method
    • how to obtain consistent results in your homeopathic practice
    • how to avoid mistakes during analysis of the case due to prejudice or from looking at only a part of information
    • how to choose the correct remedy for the case

    This seminar will benefit:

    • students of homeopathy
    • qualified homeopaths
    • those who wish to see and listen the great master of homeopathy live

    This is your opportunity to see dr. Rajan Sankaran live, during his first visit to Zagreb, Croatia!

    About Dr. Rajan Sankaran

    Dr Rajan Sankaran is a world-renowned homeopathic physician, thinker, teacher and deviser of homeopathic healing systems. He graduated as a Gold Medallist from the Bombay Homeopathic Medical College. He is an alumnus of Aurangabad University, where he completed his Master’s degree. Known for his revolutionary ideas and visionary approach, Dr Sankaran’s deep insights have had a profound influence on the thinking and activities of today’s homeopaths. His important contributions to homeopathy include a detailed classification of remedies within the periodic system of minerals, as well as his work with the kingdoms and sub-classifications of plant and animal kingdoms in relation to homeopathy. Finding a vital sensation in the client is a crucial aspect of the Sensation Method and, with regard to this, Dr Sankaran talks about the seven levels of experience within man. His ideas and insights, and his style of teaching and writing, make him a popular teacher among homeopaths the world over. His seminars and lectures are presented in many countries worldwide, as well as in his homeland of India, which – thanks to Dr Sankaran’s reputation – is a favoured destination for homeopaths and considered a byword for advanced homeopathy.

    Dr Sankaran has written many books, a great number of which have been translated into several languages and provide everyday inspiration to people all over the world. Here are just a few examples:

    • The Elements of Homoeopathy
    • The Spirit of Homoeopathy
    • The Substance of Homoeopathy
    • The Soul of Remedies
    • The System of Homoeopathy 
    • The Sensation in Homoeopathy
    • An Insight into Plants (Vols 1, 2 and 3)
    • Sankaran’s Schema
    • Structure: Experiences with the Mineral Kingdom (Vols 1 and 2)
    • Sensation Refined
    • Survival: The Mollusc
    • Survival: The Reptile (Vols 1 and 2)
    • The Synergy in Homoeopathy
    • The Art of Follow-Up

    New book of dr. Rajan Sankaran: Exact, Complete, Depth

    The new book will be available for purchase during seminar!

    Learn from the best!

    Price for the 8 Box in Homeopathy seminar:

    Full price: 320 Euros
    Early bird price by March 15th, 2019: 280 Euros


    The seminar fee can be paid as follows:

    • In cash or by card at the Annah Centre (we accept all credit cards and, for Diners Card, we allow payment in up to six instalments interest free)
    • By bank transfer to the account of Annah d.o.o. using the following data:

    RECIPIENT NAME AND ADDRESS: Annah d.o.o., Domašinečka ulica 4, 10110 Zagreb

    BANK NAME AND ADDRESS: Erste & Steiermärkische Bank d.d., Jadranski trg 3A, 51000 Rijeka

    IBAN: HR9024020061100741507


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    Homeopathy Expert Dr Sankaran in Zagreb

    Catch Your Spot

    Meet Dr Sankaran in Zagreb

    Become and expert in the 8 Box Method! Learn from the creator of this method and improve your success rate in solving difficult cases in homeopathy!
    dr Sankaran Zagreb Annah

    Dr Sankaran in Zagreb

    Full price: 320 Euros
    Early bird price by March 15th, 2019: 280 Euros